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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The blog of Initials JC

This blog is uniquely dedicated to the great initials JC ! Why a blog about JC ? There are no initials that have so many famous people bearing it than JC. The list of famous JC's is endless. A few years ago I started listing them. Sonic Youth even had a song about JC on their album Dirty.
Of course, among the nearly 500 names listed here, around 100 are really very famous and the rest are relatively famous or interesting names to know or to discover. If you know a name which is not listed here, don't hesitate to post a comment. I will probably add more details about each individual and pictures later on.

Didi Bota, Kaapstad - Brussels

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

500 Famous Initials JC

1. Music

J.J. Cale - American singer songwriter
Jaap Castricum - Slideguitarist Bintangs, Dutch rhythm & blues legend
Jack Casady - Bass player Jefferson Airplane
Jack Clement - Country producer and singer
Jack Costanzo - Jazzmusician, aka Mister Bongo
Jack Waukeen Cochran - Rockabilly-artist
Jackie Cain - Jazz-singer
Jackie Coon - Flugelhorn and trumpet player
Jacques Canetti - Talent scout, brother of Nobelprize winner Elias Canetti
James Carmichael - Coproducer Can't slow down ( Lionel Ritchie )
James Carr - Soulsinger
James Carrington - singer songwriter
James Carter - Jazzsaxophone player
James Chance - New York saxophone player, worked with Lydia Lunch
James Chirillo - guitarist, banjospeler
James Clarke - British contemporary classical composer
James Cleveland - King of Gospel
James Cook - Guitarist Steve Miller Blues Band
James Cotton - Bluesharmonica speler
Jamie Catto - Ex-member of Faithless, producer of 1 Giant Leap
Jamie Cooke - Guitarist Arctic Monkeys
Jamie Cullen - Jazz-singer, crooner in the style of Harry Connick jr.
Jamie Cullum - British jazz wonder boy
Jan Caeyers - Belgian director, founder Beethoven Academie
Jan Cordemans - Belgian composer, bass player
Jan Cuyvers - Belgian musician ( drummer Soulsister )
Jani Christou - Greek 20th century composer
Jarvis Church - raggasinger
Jarvis Cocker - singer Pulp
Jason Carmer - Music producer The Donnas & Third Eye Blind
Jason Collet - guitarist Broken social scene
Javier Calderon - classical guitarist
Jay Collins - jazz saxophone player
Jay Corre - jazz saxophone player
Jay Cunning - DJ
Jaz Coleman - Singer Killing Joke
Jean Carne - Souljazz singer
Jean Chapel - Songwriter
Jean Corti - accordeonplayer of Jacques Brel
Jean-Luc Cappozzo - French jazz-trumpet player
Jeanne Cherhal - French singer
Jean-Pierre Catoul - Jazz musician
Jeff Carp - Mondharmonicaspeler
Jeff Carson - American countrysinger
Jeff Clark - Was with Grant Lee Philips in Shiva Burlesque
Jeff Clyne - British jazz-basguitarist
Jeff Connolly - Guitarist bij The Lyres ( Boston-gitaarrock)
Jeff Cotton - Guitarist Captain Beefheart
Jennifer Chiba - Musician and friend of Eliott Smith
Jennifer Cutting - American folkrock
Jenny Crook - Forms with Henry Sears contemporary folk duet in UK
Jeremiah Clarke - British composer 6 th century ( Trumpet Voluntary )
Jeremy Camp - Singer-songwriter
Jérémy Chatelain - French popstar, dates Alizée
Jerry Cantrell - Alice in Chains
Jerry Capehart - Composer and manager of Eddie Cochran
Jerry Casale - Bassguitarist Devo
Jerry Corbetta - keyboardplayer Four Seasons
Jessica Cleaves - Singer with Earth, Wind & Fire
Jil Caplan - French chanteuse
Jill Cohn - Singer
Jim Capaldi - Singer
Jim Carroll - Musician
Jim Conway - Bluesmusician
Jim Corr - bass player The Corrs
Jim Cregan - Guitarist Rod Stewart
Jim Croce Singer-songwriter
Jim Cullum - Cornetplayer, bandleader from San Antonio, Texas
Jimmy Carroll - Jazz-arrangeur (Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Parker)
Jimmy Castor - Funk singer
Jimmy Chamberlin - drummer Smashing Pumpkins
Jimmy Cleveland - Jazz-trombonist
Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy Cobb - Legendary jazz-drummer )
Jimmy Coup - Guitarist Andrew W.K.
Jimmy Cozier - R 'n B-singer
Jimmy Crawford - Jazz-drummer
Jimmy Crespo - temporary guitarist Aerosmith
Jo Callissinger - Guitarist Revillos, also Human League
Joan Cabanilles - 17th century Spanish composer and organ player
Joanna Connor - Bluesmusician
Joanne Catherall - Singer Human League
Jodie Christian - Jazzpianist of Eddie Harris
Joe Chambers - Legendary jazz-drummer
Joe Christmas - Singer
Joe Clay - Rockabilly-artist
Joe Cocker - British singer
Joe Cofie - Singer The Drifters
Joe Cohen - Singer
Joe Cuba - conga player from New York
Joey Calderazzo - Jazzmusician
Joey Cardamone - Musician The Icarus Line
Joey Castle - Rockabilly-artist
Joey Covington - Temporary drummer Jefferson Airplane
Johan Clement - Belgian jazzpianist
John Cage - American avant-gardecomposer
John Cale - Solo-artist and Velvet Underground
John Cambridge - Drummer on Bowies 'The man who sold the world'
John Cameron - Guitarist Claw Boys Claw
John Campbell - Bluesguitarist
John Carruthers - Guitarist Siouxsie and the Banshees
John Carter - Klarinettist, altsaxophone player
John Carter Cash - Countryrocker, son of Johnny Cash
John Cephas - Bluesguitarist
John Chelew - Producer John Hiatt
John Chiccarelli - Producer Kerosine, CD of Steve Wynn 1990
John Chilton - British jazztrumpet player, composer
John Cippolina - Guitarist Jefferson Airplane
John Clark - Drummer Pretty Things
John Coghlan - Original drummer Status Quo
John Coltrane - Jazz musician
John Convertino - Drummer Giant Sand
John Coppola - Songwriter
John Corigliano - American composer, winner 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Music
John Cougar - Rocksinger
John Creamer- Producer house/techno
John Critchinson - British jazz-pianist
John Cummings - Guitarist Mogwai
Johnny Carisi - Composed 'Israel' on Miles' Birth of the cool
Johnny Cash
Johnny Claes - Belgian jazz-trumpet player (1916 - 1956 )
Johnny Clarke - Reggae musician
Johnny Clegg
Johnny Coles - Fluegelhorn player ( Hancock, Miles Davis, Mingus )
Johnny Colla - Guitarist-saxophone player with Huey Lewis & The News
Johnny Copeland - Bluesguitarist
Johnny Corporate - Techno-house artist
Jon Christensen - Norvegian jazz-drummer
Jon Cleary - New Orleans based singer-songwriter and piano-wizzard
Jon Cutler - Dance-house artist
Jonathan Cole - British contemporary classical composer
Jonathan Colot- Belgian jazz-bass player
Jorge Cafrune- Argentinian singer
Jorge Calderon - Musician, worked with Warren Zevon
Jorge Cumba - Argentinian singer
Joris Caluwaerts - Belgian pianist Zita Swoon
Jose Carreras
Jose Colangelo - Argentinian tango-musician
Jose Cura - Tenor
Josefino Chino Toledo - Philippinian composer-director
Joseph Calleja - Maltese tenor
Joseph Cotton - Reggae-artist
Joseph Curiale - American classical composer
Josh Clayton-Felt - Guitarist with Jewel
Joshua Scott (JC) Chasez - Memeber of N' Sync
Juan Collazo - Argentinian tango-componist
Juan Croucier - Bass player for Dokken and Ratt
Juca Chaves - Brazilian singer
Jude Cole - Guitarist with Jewel
Judy Cheeks - Popsinger
Judy Clay - Soulsinger
Judy Collins - American folksinger
Julee Cruise - Twin Peaks
Julian Casablancas - Singer The Strokes
Julian Cope - British singer
Julie Christensen - Singer, sang on Kerosene Man ( Steve Wynn )
Julie Covington - Singer Evita
Julien Clerc - French singer
Julio Carrasco - Rocker from Chili band Los Muebles
June Carter - Countrysinger, wife of Johnny Cash
June Christy - Jazz-singer
Junior Campbell - Guitarist Marmalade
Junior Collins - French Horn player (Miles Davis and Charlie Parker)
Junior Cook - Tenor saxophone
Justin Chancellor - bass player Tool

2. Film

Jack Cardiff - British cameraman ( classics from 40's and 50's )
Jack Carson - Canadian actor 40's and 50's
Jack Cassidy - Actor, father of David Cassidy
Jack Clayton - British filmdirector 60's - 70's
Jack Cohn - cofounder Columbia Pictures ( with brother Harry )
Jack Colvin - Actor ( Child's play )
Jack Conley - Actor ( Get shorty, LA Confidential, Judas Kiss )
Jack Coulter - Actor, plays Jack Kerouac in the biopic
Jack Cox - Cameraman for the early Hitchcock
Jackie Chan
Jackie Coogan - The Kid in "The Kid" of Charlie Chaplin
Jackie Curtis - Transvestite in Andy Warhol movies ( Flesh )
Jacky Cheung - Chinese actor ( Wong Kar Wai )
Jacob Cedergren - Danish actor ( Dark horse )
Jacqueline Collen - TV and movie actress ( Jerry McGuire ), babe
Jaime Camino - Spanish director
James Caan - American actor ( The Godfather )
James Cada - Actor ( The straight story )
James Cagney - American actor
James Cameron - Director Titanic
James Carner - Actor ( Space Cowboys … )
James Carpinello - American actor
James Coburn - American actor
James Coco - Actor ( Murder by death 1976, oscarnomination Only when I laugh 1981 )
James Contner - Horror-director ( Dead to the world )
James Corden - British actor ( All or nothing (Mike Leigh))
James Cosmo - British actor ( Trainspotting, Stormy Monday, … )
James Cox - American director ( Highway, Wonderland )
James Cromwell - Actor ( Babe the galant pig, … )
James Cruze - American film director
Jamie Lee Curtis - Actress, daughter of Tony Curtis
Jan Cvitkovic - Slovenian director
Jane Campion - Australian director
Janis Cimmermanis - Danish director
Jappe Claes - Belgian actor
Jason Cerbone - Actor The Sopranos
Javier Camara ( Spanish actor )
Jay Chandrasekhar - Director, actor ( Super troopers )
Jay Cocks - Scriptwriter ( The age of innocence, Gangs of New York, Strange Days )
Jean Carmet - French actor
Jean Carson - American actress 50's - 60's
Jean Champion - French actor
Jean Chapot - French director
Jean Cocteau - French director
Jean-Claude Carriere - Scriptwriter for Luis Bunuel
Jean-Henri Compère - Belgian actor ( La vie sexuelle des Belges; Le huitième jour …)
Jeanne Crain - Hollywood actress 40's, 50's ( A letter to three wives )
Jean-Paul Civeyrac - French director
Jean-Paul Comart - French actor
Jean-Pierre Cassel - French actor, father of Vincent Cassel
Jef Cassiers - Belgian theatre and TV-legend
Jef Cornelis - Belgian documentary filmer
Jeff Cadiente - Stuntman in many movies ( Con Air, the Crow … )
Jeff Chandler - Actor. Got oscarnomination for Broken Arrow with James Stewart(1950)
Jeff Conaway - American actor ( Grease, Man on the moon )
Jeff Corey - American supporting actor
Jeff Cronenweth - Son of Jordan Cronenweth, cameraman Fight Club, One hour Photo …
Jeffrey Combs - American B-actor ( I still know what you did last summer )
Jelle Cleymans - Belgian actor
Jennifer Ciesar - Actress B movies ( Red Shoe diaries … )
Jennifer Connelly - American actress
Jennifer Cooke - TV and filmactress ( Friday the 13th, part VI )
Jennifer Coolidge - Actress ( Legally blonde )
Jennifer Elise Cox - American comic actress, Tv series Hype
Jeremiah Chechik - Director ( Benny and Joon, the Avengers )
Jeremy Child - British character actor
Jérome Coullet - French soundtrack composer
Jerome Cowan - American character actor ( o.a. The Maltese Falcon )
Jesper Christensen - Danish actor ( Italian for beginners )
Jessica Capshaw - TV and movie actress ( Minority report )
Jessica Caufiel - Actress ( Legally blonde )
Jessica Collins - TV-actress
Jessie Colman - Belgian TV-actress
Jill Clayburgh - American actress, ex-wife of Al Pacino
Jim Carrey
Jim Caviezel - American actor ( The thin red line )
Jim Charleston - TV-director ( Eye of the beholder )
Jim Clark - British editor ( The killing fields )
Jim Czarnecki - Producer ( Bowling for Columbine ( Michael Moore ))
Jo Champa - Actress ( Don Juan De Marco )
Jo Crab - Belgian TV actress ( Madame Arabelle in De Collega's )
Joachim Calmeyer - Swedish actor ( Kitchen stories )
Joan Camden - Actress 50's ( The captive city, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral )
Joan Chen - Actress
Joan Churchill - Camerawoman ( Kurt & Courtney, Biggie and Tupac … )
Joan Collins - TV-actress
Joan Crawford - American actress, won Oscar for 'Mildred Pierce'
Joan Cusack - Actress; sister of John
Joanna Cameron - Actress 70's
Joanna Cassidy - American actress ( Who framed Roger Rabbit )
Jocelyn Cammack - British director
Jodi Carlisle Actress
Joe Carnahan - Director ( Mission Impossible 3, Narc )
Joe Chappelle - Director ( Phantoms 1998 )
Joe Charbanic - Director ( The watcher )
Joe Cortese - Actor
Joel Coen - American director ( with brother Ethan )
Joel Cox - Editor of Clint Eastwood movies
Joelle Carter - American model and actress ( American Pie 2 )
Johann Carlo - Actor ( Quiz show, Happiness, Looking for Richard )
John Calley - Producer ( The remains of the day, Cincinatti Kid )
John Candy
John Cariani - Actor ( TV, movie ( Showtime ), theatre )
John Carpenter - Horror-director
John Carradine - American actor
John Cassavetes - American director
John Cassini - Canadian actor ( Alive, Halloween H20, Se7en )
John Cazale - Actor ( The Godfather and The deer hunter )
John Cenatiempo - Stuntman in dozens of movies
John Cleese - British actor; legendary for Monty Python and Fawlty Towers
John Colicos - Canadian actor ( Battlestar Galactica )
John Corbett - Actor Sex and the City
John Cork - American gothic writer and scriptwriter
John Cosgrove - American TV-director
John Coven - American director and storyboard artist
John Cromwell - American director
John Cusack - American actor ( High Fidelity, The grifters )
Jon Cassar - Director (24)
Jon Cohen - Scriptwriter ( Minority report )
Jonathan Cake - Actor ( Noah's Ark )
Jonathan Crombie - Canadian actor
Joost Conijn ( Dutch filmmaker )
Jordan Chan - Chinese actor ( Hong Kong )
Jordan Cronenweth - Cameraman Stop making sense, Blade runner, U2: Rattle & hum
Jorgen Cassiers - Belgian actor
Jose Luis Cuerda - Spanish producer
Joseph Cornell - American surrealistisch filmer
Joseph Cotten - Hitchcock-actor
Josh Charles Actor ( Threesome, Dead Poets Society, Hairspray )
Josh Clark - Actor ( Big with Tom Hanks )
Josh Cole - Actor
Juan Carlos Colombo - Actor
Juan Chioran - Canadian actor and singer
Juan José Campanella - Argentinian director
Jude Ciccolella - American actor of seconday roles ( City of hope; 24 )
Judy Campbell - British actress and mother of Jane Birkin
Judy Carne - British actress, married Burt Reynolds
Julia Campbell - Soapactress ( Santa Barbara ) and movie actress
Julia Chambers - British TV-actress
Julia Chasman - Producer 25 th Hour
Julian Chagrin - British mime artist ( Blow up, 2 oscar nominations)
Julian Cheung - Chinese actor
Julie Caignault - French TV-actress and singer
Julie Carmen - Actress
Julie Christie - British actress and 60's icon
Julie Condra - Actress ( Gas, food, lodging, Nixon )
Julieta Cardinali - Actress
Julio Chavez - Argentinian actor
Justin Chadwick - British actor ( London kills me, The loss of sexual innocence… )
Justin Chambers - Actor

3. Authors

Jackie Collins - Author, sister of Joan Collins
Jacob Cats - Dutch poet
James Clavell - Writer of Shogun
James Corbett - American thriller author
James Fenimore Cooper - Author Last of the Mohicans
James M. Cain - American crime author
Jan Christiaens - Belgian (Antwerp) writer of theatre plays for Raamtheater
Jan Cremer - Dutch author
Javier Cercas - Spanish author
Jean-Jacques Commien - French theatre author
Jean-Pierre Cannet - French contemporary theatre author
Jill Churchill - American crime author
Joe Calarco - American theatre author
John Case - American thriller author
John Cheever - American author
John Connolly - Irish succes author of crime novels
John Cooper Clarke ( New wave poet )
John M. Coetzee - Southafrican author, Nobel Prize winner
Jonathan Coe - British author
Jose Cardoso Pires - Portuguese author
Joseph Lloyd Carr - English novelist, publisher, teacher, and eccentric
Joseph Conrad - Author Heart of darkness
Judith Clarke - Australian youth author
Julio Cortazar - Argentinian author
Jung Chang - Chinese author
Justin Cartwright - South-African London-based author and filmer

4. Media and TV

Jack Cafferty - CNN journalist
Jane Clayson - CBS journalist
Jane Corbin - BBC journalist
Jason Carroll - CNN journalist
Jeff Corwin - American animal and nature activist, hosts a wildlife adventure show
Jeremy Clarkson - BBC journalist
Jesper Carrott - British comic TV actor ( The Detectives ).
Jim Clancy - CCN journalist
Johnny Carson - Legendary American talkshow host
Jon Culshaw - British voice imitator and stand up comedian
Judith Chalmers - BBC presenter ( hosts travel magazine )
June Cleaver - Quintessential American TV mom

5. Artists and designers

Jacopo Chimenti - Italian painter baroque (16th - 17th cent.); De Medici
Jacques Callot - French 17th century artist
Jacques Charlier - Belgian contemporary artist
Jacques Courtois - Italian baroque painter
Jake Chapman - British contemporary artist ( together with brother Dinos Chapman )
James Campbell - modernist painter
James Coleman - Irish video-artist
Jan Carlier - Belgian artist-photographer
Jan Cobbaert - Belgian artist
Jan Cossiers - Flemish Baroque painter
Jan Cox - Dutch artist
Janet Cardiff - Canadian artist, ° 1957, Brussels Ontario
Jasper Conran - Designer - fashion-designer
Jasper Conran - Designer / Fashion-designer
Jasper Cropsey - American painter
Jean Baptiste Corot - French 19th century landscape painter
Jean Cacharel - French fashiondesigner
Jean Charlot - French 20th century painter
Jean Clouet - French renaissance painter
Jean Colombe - French 15th century 'book'painter
Jean Coulot - Swiss artist, painter of jazz-paintings
Jean Cousin - French renaissance painter
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - French 19th century painter
Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin - French 18th century painter
Jean-Charles Cazin - 19th century French realistist painter
Jean-Daniel Cadinot - French gay-photographer and director of gay-films
Jean-Pierre Clement - French contemporary artist
Jeff Croteau - Photographer
Jeong Choi - Korean contemporary artist
Jess Collins - American artist, pioneer of 'comic strip art'
Jhoan Camitz - Swedish video artist ( Eagle Eye Cherry ) and advert guru
Jimmy Choo - Shoe designer
Jo Clauwaert - Belgian rockphotographer/designer
Jo Coenen - Dutch architect - construction master
Jo Crépain - Belgian top architect
Joe Colombo - Sixties designer
John Cherpas - Designer
John Chervinsky - American photographer
John Constable - British painter (1776-1837))
John Coplans - painter, writer, art guru
John Creech - American artist
John Crome - British landscape painter ( 18th, 19th century )
John Curry - American painter
John Robert Cozens - English 18th century landscape painter
Jordan Crandell - American media artist
Josef Capek - Tcheque kubist, avant-gardist
Jota Castro - French-Peruvian artist
Judy Chicago - American artist °1939, feminist and writer
Jules Chéret - Art nouveau artist; affiche artist
Julian Cash - Photographer
Julien Coulommier - Belgian photographer
Julio Cano Lasso - Spanish contemporary architect
Julio Castellanos - Mexican 20th century painter

6. History and politics

Jacques Cartier - Explorer
Jacques Chirac - French president
James Callaghan - British prime minister 70's
James Connolly - Irish nationalist
James Conway - Leader of American troops in Iraq War II
James Cook - Explorer
Jean-Baptiste Colbert - French statesman 17th century
Jean-Pierre Chevenement - French politician
Jeremy Corbin - British Labour-Deputy
Jesus Christ
Jimmy Carter - Ex-president USA
Joaquim Chissano - Former president of Mozambique
Job Cohen - Mayer of Amsterdam
Johannes Calvijn (John Calvin)
Johannes Chrisostomos - Saint
John Curtin - Australian Prime Minister during WW II

7. Sports

Jack Charlton - Former coach Ireland and former football player
Jack Crawford - Australian tennis player 1930's
Jaja Coelho - Brasilian football player at Belgian Club Westerlo
James Carter - American 400 meter hurdles athlete
James Corbett - Legendary boxer end 19th century
Jamie Carragher - Defender Liverpool
Jamie Cureton - British football player
Jan Ceulemans - Belgian football player, won 3 times 'Gouden Schoen'
Jason Collins - American basketball player New Jersey Nets
Jean-Pierre Coopman - Belgian boxer
Jennifer Capriati
Jeremy Chardy - French tennis player
Jessica Crisp - Australian surfer
Jill Craybas - American tennis player
Jim Clark - Legendary Formula 1-racer
Jim Courier - American tennis player
Jimmy Casper - French cyclist
Jimmy Connors
Jin Chul Choi - South Korean football player
Joan Capdevila - football player Deportivo La Coruna
João Carlos - Brasilian football player at Belgian club Lokeren
Joe Cannon - Keeper San Jose Earthquakes
Joe Cole - British footballplayer Chelsea
Joey Cheek - American iceskater, won Golden Medal at Turin 2006
Johan Capiot - Belgian cyclist
Johan Cruijff
John Capell - American sprint athlete
John Carew - Norvegian football player
John Collins - Navy-officer; founder of the Iron Man & Triatlon
John Collins - Scottish football player (Celtic, AS Monaco, Everton)
John Cook - Golfer
John Curry - British iceskater; 'Noerejev of the ice', Gold Medal OS 1976
Jolanda Ceplak - Slovenian athlete
Jon Cannon - Pitcher for Shreveport (LA) Swamp Dragons
Jon Cleveland - Canadian swimmer OS 92, 96
Jordi Cruyff - Son of Johan, football player, now analyst
Jorge Costa - Portuguese defender
Jose Antonio Camacho - Ex-coach Spanish team
Jose Canseco - baseball legend
Jose Cardozo - Forward Paraguay
Jose Cevalos - Goalkeeper Ecuador
Jose Chamot - Argentinian football player AC Milan
Jose Coceres - Argentinian golfer ( Top 200 )
Jose Luis Chilavert - Goalkeeper Paraguay
Joshua Coppins - New Zealand motorcyclist
Juan Ignacio Chela - Tennis player
Julio Chavez - Boxer
Julio Cruz - Argentinian forward ( Inter Milaan )

8. Various

Jack Cole - Choreographer of Broadway-musicals and films ( Gentlemen prefer blondes ) Jacqueline Ceballos - American feminist
Jenny Craig - Diet guru
Joaquin Cortes - Flamenco dancer
John Carpenter - Pioneer of homevideo, murderer of Bob Crane ( TV show host 50's )
John Cooper - Inventor of mini-Cooper
Johnny Cochran - Black lawyer, famous for the OJ Simpson trial
Jordan Chandler - American boy who was harressed by Michael Jackson but got settlement
Jordi Caballero - Spanish tango and flamenco dancer
Judith Campbell Exner - Mistress of John F Kennedy, his connection with the maffia
Julia Child - Writer of famous Cooking Book

9. Science

Jacques Cousteau - French oceanographer
James Chadwick - Nobel Prize Physics 1935, discovered neutron
James Cronin - Nobel Prize Physics 1980
Jean-François Champollion - Archeologist; discovered Rosetta stone
Jean-Martin Charcot - Pioneer in psychiatry; teacher of Sigmund Freud
John Cockcroft - Nobel Prize Physics 1951
John Cornforth - Nobel Prize Chemistry 1975
John Curtis - Archeologist and director British Museum

10. Business

Jack Cohen - Founder TESCO, biggest food retailer in UK
James Cantalupo - ex-CEO McDonalds
James Champy - Management guru
James Cramer - Wallstreet guru, founder of
Jan Callewaert - Belgian CEO Option, Manager of the year 2005
Jan Coene - Belgian former CEO of Picanol and Belgacom
Jason Calacanis - the "godfather" of the blogworld
Jef Colruyt - Belgian CEO of Colruyt-group
Jerome Clement - PDG Arte
Jo Cornu - Belgian CEO Alcatel
John Catsimatidis - CEO Red Apple Group ( Sloan chain in Manhattan )
John Chambers - CEO Cisco Systems
John Cordier - Belgian founder Telindus
John Courage - British brewer

11. Models and babes

Jana Cova - Tcheque porn-actress
Jannelle Commissiong - Miss Universe 1977 ( Trinidad and Tobago )
Jasmine Capelli - Italian babe
Jeanne Carmen - Pinup 50's
Jeisa Chiminazzo - Brasilian model
Jennifer Cole - Miss Hawaii tropic 1995, actress ( Charlie's Angels )
Jo Collins - Playmate; Miss December 1964
Jordan Capri - Porn model
Josielyn Chase - Philippinian babe
Juhi Chawla - Miss India 1984, actress
Julie-Lynn Cialini - Playmate of the year 1995
June Cochran - Babe